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When do you need CB@

The potential need for CB@ in Canada is huge and diversified. There is a particular need for CB@ in the early stages of a start-up when the company is too small to attract a permanent, world-class chief executive, but has received some financing behind a promising technology or founder. Here are some additional situations when CB@ may be helpful:

  • A VC needs interim leadership during the 3-month or so before an executive search gives some results.
  • A CEO leaves an organization without advance notice. You immediately need to handle the situation.
  • A crisis situation has occurred. You need an experienced CEO to control the crisis, motivate the team and/or secure the investors.
  • You need to validate a concept, a product strategy or a market.
  • You need to raise funds, the proper networking and validate your business plan.
  • Dedicated resources for a merger or an acquisition.
  • VC staff are over loaded with board meetings and require assistance for due diligence.
  • You see only the trees and forget about the forest.
  • You look for an intermediator to assist you in a merger or acquisition phase. See why here. (in French)

Value added services
(mainly in IT, EC and telecom)

  • General management (CEO, COO)
  • Sales management (direct and indirect)
  • Business development management
  • Financial management
  • Business diagnosis
  • Strategic planning and analysis
  • Business plans
  • Innovative solutions
  • Business coaching
  • Radio engineering management

Carol Boivin & Associates
92 rue du Pré, Eastman, Qc
Tel: +1 514 945 5100

Contact us at: CB@

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