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Who we are

Carol Boivin et associés (CB@) inc., a Canadian corporation founded in 1995, is recognized for its ability to bring together the growing pool of successful, talented and experienced executives with the need for leadership for start-up companies, mainly in the IT and Telecom sector. The founder of CB@ is Carol Boivin, a seasoned CEO and general manager advantageously known in the high tech Canadian and French business community.

What do we do

CB@ intensely screens potential interim executives and places successful candidates into an available pool. CB@ works with the venture community for companies that require interim leadership. Relevant candidates are presented to the client. We help negotiate a cash and equity package that is commensurate with the individual and the job at hand. The interim executive is then called into action at the earliest possible date, usually within weeks. After 3 to 4 months, the client can elect to keep the candidate as a contractor or convert the contract into a permanent job offer with negotiated compensation to CB@.

Why CB@

Time is of the essence.

We deliver top quality candidates fast. Our value proposition is about delivering « quality and speed » together. Traditional permanent search model cannot deliver quality and speed. Some companies may not have the time or financing to enter into traditional search. A quick and swift turnaround might be needed and could benefit from being done by an outsider. The typical risk/reward profile of top executives is different from what the company can offer at this moment in time. However, these same individuals will take such challenges because they have limited duration and high upside potential.

As members of CB@, these executives are now serving as interim executives (CEO, COO, CFO, Sales Directors or Business Development Directors) for VCs portfolio companies. When time is of the essence and you need a leader with a proven track record, you need to contact CB@.

CB@ is also the answer to the growing number of pre-retired executives who have had a successful career and want start-up companies to benefit from their expertise as business angels do within the venture community.

Carol Boivin & Associates
92 rue du Pré, Eastman, Qc
Tel: +1 514 945 5100

Contact us at: CB@

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